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We love providing you with excellent cleaning and organizing services throughout the Twin Cities.  These include MoveIn/MoveOur, After Party Cleaning, Deep Spring Cleaning, and regularly scheduled cleaning and organizing "ala carte."  In an initial free consultation, we go over a checklist with you to decide EXACTLY what services you want on an individual basis.  Custom.  We can also provide specific services such as Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Laundry, Cabinet Cleaning/Organizing, Storage Planning, Window Washing, Oven or Refrigerator Cleaning.

  Locally Owned   Stable; Get The Same Team Member Every Time If You're a Regular Customer!

House Cleaning


We clean homes of all kinds throughout the metropolitan Twin Cities area.  We offer a free half hour phone consultation to review your checklist of things you want done, then give you custom quote.

After Party Cleaning


Do you just hate "the morning after?"  Most people do and are happy we're here to come over and clean it all up for you.  Click on your checklist to think about the things you'd love us to do for you!

Move In/Out Cleaning


We love helping people get their new homes clean and organized, and are happy to take care of cleaning the old place so you don't have to!  Consider what you'd like cleaned and/or

 organized and give us a call! 

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


No time for laundry? We can help with everyday wash, towels and beding.



Inside Cabinets


We do a thourgh cleaning inside and outside cabinets for move out and after light remodel projects.



Inside Fridge


Routine cleaning inside the fridge is a must for a sanitary kitchen.

Ask about our special for inside appliances.



Take advantage of our 27 years' experience designing and organizing your home and storage before or after you move, when you're downsizing, or just decluttering.  See the possibilities by clicking here.

Deep Spring Cleaning


Oh, that dreaded time of year again! Unless you love cleaning house, you'd probably love to have our help to make sure everything is done thoroughly and properly.  What would be on your checklist?

Upholstery Cleaning


We don't usually do carpet or upholstery cleaning, but if that's what you need, let's add it to your checklist! Then call us for a quote. if we can't be available, we have a number of associates who can.

Staging for a party or special occasion?


Whether you require a living room rearrangement for a party or just tired of your current furniture layout we can help with our certified designer.


Interior Walls


We spot wash walls for those little busy hands.  For large jobs such as removal of contaminants like cigarette residue or other toxins we call in the experts.


Interior Windows


We do spot cleaning on the interior windows on all our houses. For a full indoor - outdoor window cleaning appointment please indicate a professional session is needed.



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