Organizing Services

We offer Moving Support Services, Downsizing and Decluttering Support, and Design Support.  We also help with elderly parents' homes, clean-out jobs for realtors, and estate sales.  We  love to help you get your own things organized, whether it's for your new home or the one you live in.  We don't do hoarders, floods, or fires, but can refer you to others who do.

Your Own "Custom" Organizing Checklist


Before we start any new job, we'll go over this "especially-for-you" checklist with you to make sure we’re in complete agreement about what needs to be done. It’s also a great way to inspect things when we finish.  You can easily tell if we did everything we said we’d do!


Our Moving Support Services

  • We help pack and unpack your moving boxes.

  • We can clean your new home top to bottom before you move in.

  • Or clean your OLD home before the buyers move in.

  • We’re experts at where to put things for your convenience.

  • We can assist with finding extra storage if needed.

  • We remove trash and other items left behind.

  • We also remove packing materials when you’re done.

  • Other (specify): ___________________________________________________________


Our Downsizing/Decluttering Support

  • Moving to a smaller house?  We can help reduce your load.

  • Years of accumulating things and ready to let go of things? We can help.

  • Closet, kitchen or crafts room overwhelm? Let us at it!

  • Confused about organizing or storing your things yourself?  We coach.

  • Stuck on organizing or storage problems?  We can consult on solutions.

  • Other (specify): _____________________________________________________________


Design Help

  • We can help you reorganize your living arrangement plan.

  • If you’re moving into a new place, we can help you decide where to place existing furniture and accessories for maximum fit, flow and aesthetics.

  • We can help with selecting new furniture and accent pieces when needed.

  • We can help develop an organized theme for your home or apartment.

  • We help with selection of colors and patterns that complement your personal color.

  • Other (specify): ________________________________________________________________


This checklist represents the agreement between you and us about what we’re going to do for you.  Please review it carefully, and let us know if you want to make any changes or additions before we get there so we can get right to work without wasting time!


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