Cleaning Services

We specialize in cleaning and organizing living spaces. We'll clean homes, empty houses, apartments, condos, houseboats pool houses, guest houses, trailers, even teenager's bedrooms (if they rebel, it's on us, not you!).  We don't usually clean for hoarders, flood or fire damage, but we'd be happy to refer you to someone else who does.

Your Own "Custom" Cleaning Checklist


No two living spaces are exactly alike, and no two people have exactly the same priorities when it comes to cleaning.

What one of our customers calls "deep cleaning," another might call "invasive."  That's why we spend 30 minutes or so going over this unique-to-you cleaning checklist with you, so we're sure we agree in advance about what needs to be done, and can check afterward to make sure it's been completed satisfactorily.  


These are the areas we clean; you can add or subtract during our initial (free!) consultation:


In Your Kitchen

  • Dust walls and ceilings webs.

  • Clean lights and fan fixtures.

  • Wipe down back splashes, counter tops, window panes, stove and sink.

  • Clean the outside of all appliances, and inside of the microwave.

  • Wipe down cabinets, doors, woodwork if needed

  • Vacuum and wash floors and baseboards.

  • Other (specify): _____________________________________________________


In Your Bathrooms


  • Shower walls and doors

  • Inside and outer tub sanitized followed with a non-toxic mildew inhibitor * on request

  • Top to bottom toilet, rims and bowl disinfected 

  • Faucets and fixtures shinned

  • Mirrors / outer glass surfaces

  • Floors vacuumed / washed -baths and kitchen

  • Other (Specify): _________________________________________________


Living Areas and Bedrooms


  • Furniture polished or oiled. Damp wiping where appropriate (ask about leather )    

  • Finger marks on doors and woodwork wiped

  • Trash collected 

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed- top and under cushions

  • Carpets and rugs vacuumed 

  • Beds straightened or freshly made* prearrange

  • Other (Specify): ________________________________________________


Foyers, Stairs and Landings:


  • Vacuum, mop floors -where needed

  • Dust railings, door details, glass panes

  • Other (Specify): __________________________________________________









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