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You Might Want to Know...

Fragrance vs Essential Oils Whats the difference?

by Rosemary on 02/15/15

While it may not seem to be a big issue to you there is an important distinction between the two:
Fragrance is a blanket term which is meant to cover a number of chemicals -some of which can disrupt your hormones, cause allergic reactions and damage your immune system.
Essential Oils are only allowed to be coined when the true extract from a plant or flower is used. How pure or potent they are is determined by the company that manufacturers them. A fragrance product is not allowed to use the term - "Essential Oil" without the authentic ingredient.

Need a little help organizing? Heres a simple tip to save time and chaos.

by Rosemary on 01/18/15

Its never a pleasant task to clean up a messy house or room for that matter after its become a chaotic mess.
Learning new habits such as closing drawers behind you and picking up your towels after showering can make a huge difference in your time and frame of mind. Think about the difference in how it affects your mood when you come into your home and the bed is made, magazines and clothes are off the floor and surfaces are cleared.  Now think of the times when it hasn't been quite so organized. Not so pleasant is it?
A little effort goes a long way

Laundry Pods Creat Toxic Hazard

by Rosemary on 11/10/14

Colorful detergent pods resembling candy have been linked to poisoning , coma and at least one child's death reports NBC Today Show Natalie Morales.
These little pre-packaged pods look so simular to candy they pose a hazard to small children.
Seventh Generation markets colorless detergent pods with added whitening power less appealing to children or pets.

Why Organic?

by Rosemary on 03/04/13

The importance of organic is threefold:

Products are made with the idea of sustaining the environment: not striping away resources making renewal or replenishing the earth a challenge. Leave the earth in good standing for the next generation

Suface contamination from carcinogenic chemicals are not an issue

and finally -Peace of mind for doing the right thing!



Bed Bugs Biting?.. Bite Em Back!...the natural way..

by Rosemary on 05/08/12

Bed bugs have plagued many, often times with little relief.  Typically heavy chemicals have been used to rid households of the little pests, unfortunately causing a toxic environment for not only people but also for their pets.  Bleeding sores, itchy skin rashes are a serious if not embarrassing problem.  They're even known to be clever in pursuit of their human prey by hiding in folds of mattresses climbing walls and lying dormant in cracks of walls!  Yuck! But are strong chemicals always the answer?  Well... hearing first hand reports suggests not so.  Doing research on bed bug remedies brings information for the relief of these symptoms with the help of powerful extracts of plant oils or essential oils as they're known. These remedies are said to bring real results to rid the nuisances. Nature’s powerful essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Tee Tree, Lavender and Peppermint oils have been known to work effectively and are certainly worth a try before going to the expensive and possibly health impacting chemicals.

Have you know anyone who has used this or another route to rid the little critters?  Send us your comments.

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